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From the Policy Committee: Policy posters up, feedback sought

December 10, 2013


Dear members of the Beloit College community,

We are proud to present sexual assault resource posters as a staple of every bathroom stall at Beloit College. It is our intention that the ubiquity of these posters will contribute to a campus environment which acknowledges that sexual assault and sexual harassment are prevalent issues. The posters were created to make essential information for defining and responding to sexual assault and sexual harassment universal on this campus.

We hope that anyone in need will feel that they are able to respond to their violation and find support in reestablishing their safety. For those who have not yet taken to the severity of sexual assault and misconduct, it is our opinion that all members of the Beloit College community must actively confront the issue of sexual violence which harms our members.

These posters were designed by the student policy committee and funded by BSC and the Dean of Students Office. We encourage anyone who has interests in making campus safer and improving the sexual assault/sexual misconduct/sexual harassment policies which are utilized in our student handbook to attend student policy meetings on Mondays at 12:30 p.m. in Mead Room of Pearsons Hall. Please don't hesitate to email us at if you have a suggestion. Thank you to everyone who has helped keep this in the forefront.


Student Policy Committee Members

  • Emily Mingus
  • Samuel Becker
  • J Heinz
  • Meghan Caves
  • Collin Reid
  • Nadir Carlson