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Catch a Lunchbox Series lecture with Marion Field Fass

December 2, 2013

"The Lunchbox Series" presents: "Possible Pandemics: Ecology, Evolution and Opportunity," a lecture with Professor Marion Field Fass, pictured here.

Catch a Lunchbox Series lecture with Marion Fass 

Influenza killed millions of people in 1918; HIV/AIDS continues to take its toll despite research, education, and medical advances. These pandemics warn us of challenges we face as climate change and urbanization alter the interactions between humans and other species. The high rate of mutation in viruses makes them adaptable pathogens.

Fass will look at new perspectives on ecology, evolution, communication, and political will, as well as surprising concerns about the diseases of the future Thursday (Dec. 5) in the latest installment of the Lunchbox Series. She will deliver the lecture at 12:10 p.m. in Moore Lounge of Pearsons Hall--if you’re on campus, bring your lunch and your questions.

Know of someone off campus who would love to take part in this event? They can watch online, live, at

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