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Community college seeking volunteers for parolee simulation

November 15, 2013


Blackhawk Technical College is looking for volunteers and program participants for an upcoming Returning Prisoner Simulation. Program participants will each get a new identity of a newly released parolee, during which they must navigate the simulated resource booths to find a job, housing, support, treatment, pay restitution, pay child support, see their agent, get healthcare, etc. Each simulated week is 15 minutes long, and each participant has a different criminal background, posing unique challenges to each participant. The simulation also includes a panel of newly released men and women to talk about the barriers that they face every day due to their conviction and felony record and what steps they are taking to work through those barriers to become productive citizens.

Volunteers for the event will fill the roles of the simulated community resources like the restitution office, housing/landlords, clergy, clothing store, check cashing/banks, police officers, etc.

Staff managing the program are hoping to get professionals who already work with this population  in some capacity (or are planning to go into that type of work) to volunteer to serve as the different community agencies to be able to bring their unique perspective. All participants (volunteers and simulation participants) must pre-register.

Volunteer Registration:

Program Participant Registration:

The simulation will be Tuesday (Nov. 19) from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Blackhawk Technical College’s Central Campus, located at 6004 S. County Road G, Janesville.