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See your profs, staff hit the C-Haus stage as Thunderjunk

November 12, 2013

Individually you might know them as your professors and Beloit College staff--professors Matt Tedesco, Lisl Walsh, Ron Watson, and Daniel Brueckenhaus, as well as Josh Moore of the Office of International Education and Jishnu Guha of the Office of Communications & Marketing--but collectively they form Thunderjunk, and Wednesday (Nov. 13) night you’ll get the chance to see them perform.

Thunderjunk 1 

The group, which plays a little bit of everything (including originals and covers), will play C-Haus at 9:30 p.m. Wednesday. Below, they talk to the Terrarium about their origins and style.

Terrarium: How did the band get started?

Josh Moore: Matt and I have played together with two other groups before Thunderjunk formed--those were called Kitty Wompus and the Bryan Gould Band.

Matt Tedesco: The Bryan Gould band was a particularly fun and meaningful time, but when Bryan (who worked in admissions) headed off a few years ago to Evergreen State to serve as director of admissions there, and our then-guitarist decided to go on hiatus from playing, we were left as a very uninteresting duo. We had been pretty persistent in the intervening years in looking for folks in the community who play instruments, and when Ron, Lisl, and Daniel joined the faculty, it didn't take Josh and me long to (a) hear about their musical talents/interests and (b) try to put another band together with them. We had a tough time finding a guitarist until Jish and I connected earlier this semester. That was really amazing luck--the six of us have great chemistry.

Terrarium: What sort of music do you play?

Ron Watson: A mix of classic rock, classic R&B, pop, and originals, all of course with our own flavor.

Lisl Walsh: We play a wide assortment: ballads, rock, funk, pop, and creepy.

Terrarium: How often do you perform, where do you play gigs, and how can people follow you?

Matt Tedesco: This is our first gig. We are hoping to line up more in the coming weeks/months.

Terrarium: Why "Thunderjunk?"

Lisl Walsh: According to Stephen Colbert, it's a real medical condition.

Matt Tedesco: I blame Stephen Colbert, who apparently uttered this term on his show the night before we were spilling our beers laughing over band names.

Terrarium: What can your fans/students/colleagues expect if they come out to see you Wednesday night at the C-Haus?

Rongal Nikora: Sheer awesomeness. 'Nuff said.

Jishnu Guha: Shenanigans.

Matt Tedesco: Grooves. Irresistible head-bobbing. The six of us on stage having a good time--hopefully the audience will too.