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Platforms for BSC class representatives

October 30, 2013

Running for: Class Representative

Sara Fithian’16
Hey everyone! I am Sara Fithian, a candidate for the position of class representative for the Class of 2016. I come to you with motivation to make your year here at Beloit just that much better.

Once elected, I hope to bring energy to this office and engage in fulfilling the needs of my fellow Beloiters. As your class representative, I will fulfill all my duties but also go above and beyond that by bringing about much needed reform. Suggestions are strongly encouraged, as I would love to hear about any concerns or ideas people have. In striving for the overall betterment of this class and all others here at Beloit College I will do my best in making every voice heard and brainstorm ways to make life here a little better.

Sarah Fithian BSC platform 

Sarah Jones’17
Hello! My name is Sarah Jones, and I am running to be a class representative for the Class of 2017.  I am from Anchorage, Alaska. On campus I am currently involved in Sustained Dialogue, orchestra, Martial Arts club, and Model UN. I am running for class representative because I want to make a difference and work to create a more inclusive and accepting environment on campus. I also want to work to improve student life on campus. As a member of Beloit Student Congress I will work to achieve these goals by: listening to my peers, participating, working with others to change Beloit College, and by being a student leader. I will be a successful representative for the Class of 2017 at BSC because I can listen and cooperate with my peers as well as successfully and politely articulate ideas. In conclusion, I want to represent the class of 2017 in BSC in order to create and foster positive change on campus, by working with my peers to successfully express thoughtful ideas. I am looking forward to having your vote in the upcoming election.

Sarah Jones BSC platform 

Lincoln Kavinsky’16
As sophomore class representative, I would do everything in my power to fix the problematic aspects of campus, and if I cannot fix a problem, I will talk to someone who can. Many students in my class have been calling for changes in the food service here in terms of quality and options, especially at Commons. If I am elected sophomore class representative, having more options at Commons would be one of my top priorities.

There have been many disturbing incidents involving destruction of property because of alcohol intoxication this past year. My second priority would be to promote responsible drinking and talk to residential life about providing more substance free social events so that these incidents never happen again.

Lincoln BSC platform 

Carrie Campbell’17
I would like to be the freshman class representative because I want to make Beloit's campus the best it can be. The voices of us freshman are just as important as any other on campus, and I will happily be the person to make our voices heard. I believe that everyone should come before myself, and I will do anything I can to help someone out whether that be through just lending someone a pair of ears when they're not having the best day, or if they want to make a change to improve campus. I want everyone to be happy! That's my goal!

Carrie Campbell BSC platform