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Meet four candidates for BSC class reps, read their platforms

October 28, 2013

Running for: Class Representative

BSC candidates

Selene Castrucci’17
In the fall 2013 semester I was the freshman class representative in General Assembly, and unlike the U.S. Government we did not shut down, so might as well vote me in again.




BSC candidatesMaggie Warren’16
Although I only have a semester of being a COO representative for the OEC under my belt, I am a positive, enthusiastic, learner who is dedicated to making BSC a more cohesive and inclusive entity. I am really interested in fostering collaborations between clubs, departments, other committees and organizations.  These collaborations will help create a more united feel across campus and cause cross-pollination of different social groups. It will also help create similarities and relationships between seemingly contrasting groups.  I am engaged in a wide range of clubs and organizations like OEC, women’s center, 10,000 A.D., karaoke club, and Theta. One of the most powerful element of Beloit is the passionate, multi-interested student body that embody the renaissance ideal. The student body has so many innovative ideas that BSC can help make a reality; I hope to inspire people to strive to their full potential. I can contribute ideas on sustainability, morale-building, social media, and unique collaborations. I would love to be part of the process that makes Beloit the best Beloit it can be.

BSC candidatesSarah-Jane Cikara’14
I've been thinking a lot lately about the buzz words that we commonly hear or use at this institution, especially ‘Beloitish’ and ‘liberal arts.’  As I think more about it, I think that the bottom line is that Beloit is a place that encourages and cultivates exploration in students' identity, education, and future endeavors.

In my last semester at Beloit, I want to be able to continue to explore and help students further explore their identity as Beloiters and how they can positively impact their communities and selves at this institution. I see BSC as an important site that allows Beloiters do just this. As I reflect on the time here and what I’ve been involved in, from being an RA, a Senior Class Officer, to my internship at Stateline Literacy Council, I have been able to explore the ‘Beloitish’ liberal arts for myself and encourage others to do the same.

BSC candidatesHana Skoblow’14
I fell in love with Beloit the moment I stepped on its campus when I was still applying to college. It was that cliche "I belong here" moment. Four years later, I still love Beloit. I think our students are intelligent and interesting. I'm proud of us. I want to continue my position as a Senior Class Representative because I want to keep being proud of us. I want BSC to make decisions that represent our campus. I'm involved in a variety of activities, from Theta to Round Table to Judicial Board, with friends and acquaintances that extend far beyond my involvement. This range allows me to talk with many different students about their opinions, values, and what would make them continue to be proud to be a Beloiter.