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Second Annual Giving Day a Great Success

The Beloit College community is generous and showed its heart and soul during its second annual Giving Day on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. In just 24 hours, the college raised over $65,000 from more than 450 supporters.

Not only did the gifts far surpass the original goal of $25,000, the event also raised $25,000 more than last year. Beloit is touched by the fantastic response received from supporters and is grateful to be backed by such a strong foundation of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. These gifts help make ‪#‎BeloitPossible for the next generation of Turtles, Bucs, and Beloiters.

The unconditional support, enthusiastically offered by our alumni, parents, and friends is a tribute to the character of our community, and the value that we all collectively recognize in the mission we seek to advance. We at Beloit are privileged to have a community so willing to invest in the future of our great institution, and our students. For this, we are grateful,” said Mark Wold’95, Senior Director of Alumni & Parent Relations and Annual Support.

Thank you to all who supported Beloit College’s second annual Giving Day. As College President Scott Bierman often says, it’s “turtles all the way down.”

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BSC candidate platforms: president, vice president, and funding board director

October 27, 2013 at 1:25 pm

Running for: President

Cameron BSCCameron Dieter’16

I want to put the “fun” back into “functional student government.”

If elected BSC President, I will set out to accomplish four goals:

1) Encouragement: BSC has to stop finding ways to say no, and start finding ways to say yes. We need to change the discourse from enumerating restrictions to prompting positive action.

2) Empowerment: Executive Board needs to be a team. As President, I would be a leader, building a shared vision while respecting individuality. If elected, I will be a limited BSC President, not BSC Dictator.

3) Engagement: The students of Beloit College don’t care about student government, and it’s because of a lack of accessibility. Meetings can be boring and jargon-filled, and the job of the President, as the face of the organization, is to improve how students connect. I will make BSC something people want to be involved in.

4) External Focus: It’s time for BSC to stop getting bogged down by bylaws and actually get things done. I will ask Exec Board to join with me in not proposing any new constitutional amendments for the first semester.

If elected, I will lead Beloit Student Congress with EEEE’s.

SklyerSkyler (Tiannong) Dong’16

I have held the position of BSC Treasurer since the spring of 2013. I have a lot of knowledge about BSC, especially regarding budget, clubs, and student organizations. Since I have been on the BSC Executive Board, I have also interacted with other BSC officers who are on committees besides my own. I have a broad sense of how BSC functions. I am willing and excited to take the responsibility of guiding BSC as a whole. I have noticed opportunities for positive improvements within BSC. I believe the position of BSC President will give me the best chance to implement them. Communication with fellow students, efficiency within BSC, and cooperation are particular areas that I intend to improve.

Running for: Vice President

MellodyMellody Strahan’16

My involvement with BSC has spanned almost three semesters, and at this point what I've found I enjoy most about the organization is communicating and engaging in the internal aspects of BSC. As Vice President, I'd see myself as a facilitator of the inner workings of BSC as to make sure the organization as a whole runs as effectively as it can to serve and inform the student body.

Running for: Funding Board Director

BSC candidatesIzak Harvey-Wolff’17

I am currently the Secretary of the BSC Funding Board, and a class representative. Before this semester, I had not taken part in student government, but I have quickly discovered that it is a passion of mine. I would like to continue taking part in BSC and keep making student-run events possible. As Funding Board Director, I will make sure to be accessible to students who are interested in using the Student Activities Fees for the benefit of the Beloit community and take responsibility for this BSC Committee.  I am having a lot of fun on Funding Board and I will try my best to make it a great experience for everyone involved.

Hannah Richter’15

Hi there! I'm Hannah, and I'm abroad right now – London is great. But I miss Beloit a lot, and I really miss BSC. Previously, I was the Treasurer of BSC (Fall 2012!), and during that time I also served as interim Funding Board Director. Though I resigned due to personal reasons, I still love BSC and particularly missed Funding Board meetings. I love knowing about all the amazing events going on at Beloit and I think the funding of these events is of utmost importance.

BSC candidatesI want everyone to know how Funding Board can help them to make things happen on campus. You, yes you, can do anything with a little bit of capital. I’ll bring to the table a healthy amount of experience and a whole lot of sarcastic, yet professional, excitement about funding. (Bet you didn’t know excitement could be sarcastic, did you?) I’ll make bureaucracy fun and not forget why it’s there. Why is it there? To help you do things! I don’t want anyone to think of BSC as an obstacle; it’s a stepping stone made of your money. So vote for me to be the person who runs the board that runs your money!