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From the Middle: A busy board meeting, policy work underway

October 11, 2013

At its weekly meeting earlier this week, the college’s senior staff talked about the discussions and business that occurred at the board meeting on Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4-5, discussed next steps related to the powerhouse project, and heard about a set of policies being developed in the finance and planning office.

Here, a brief highlight of the work (and discussions) that occurred this week:

A busy board meeting
A total of 31 members (28 board members and three life trustees) were on hand for the weekend’s board meeting. As reported in the
Round Table, and in a press release distributed earlier this week, at its Saturday meeting the board endorsed the ongoing partnership with Alliant Energy and approved the hiring of an architect for converting the nearby Blackhawk Generating Station into a campus activity and recreation center.

Also worth noting: Cecily Murphy Majerus’80, elected to the board in the spring, attended her first board meeting this past weekend.

Current board chair Jim Sanger elected to fourth, three-year term
During its executive session on Saturday, the Trusteeship committee brought forward the recommendation that Jim Sanger, the current chair of the board, return for a fourth term as
board chair-- a nomination which Sanger accepted. Since Sanger still has one year left in his current term, that means that he will serve the board as chair for the next four years, terminating at the October 2017 meeting. He became board chair in 2005.

Accounting policies under development
Vice President Laurie Stickelmaier brought to senior staff a number of accounting and procurement policies for review and consideration in coming weeks that will guide purchasing activity, the signing of large contracts, and other business and accounting processes. These principles and policies are designed to ensure the college and its budget officers follow best buying, spending, and reporting practices in the future. Stay tuned for more as those are reviewed and finalized.