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Admissions has a new, high-performing website

October 11, 2013

Notice something different about the admissions website in recent weeks? You weren't alone. Web services and admissions staff launched a quiet online test of a redesigned site to see if a change was needed. With set to send visitors to one of two options (the then-existing website as well as a new design), web services was able to see which site was better at converting visitors to, well, visitors: website users who clicked in to schedule a campus visit.

Turns out, newer, in this case, was better.

"We found that the new site over that window performed much better at driving visitors to the page for signing up for a campus visit. Because of that, we have now launched the newly designed site," says Amanda Frisbee, web designer and project lead.

In addition, the new design beat out the old design in average visit duration, percentage of visits to the financial aid section, and percentage of visits to the visit section. The bounce rate was also lower.

Here's one snapshot of how "new" beat "old":

New Design

  • 9.62 pages viewed per visit
  • 14 visitors clicked into request visit information

Old Design

  • 7.93 pages viewed per visit
  • 2 visitors clicked into request visit information