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A big, first step toward student timesheets on the portal is complete

October 7, 2013

Human Resources is reporting that they now have nearly 750 student positions submitted through the portal. After supervisors submit a new student hire form, a report is generated, allowing payroll to manually enter the positions into a payroll module in Jenzabar in order to process payroll payments.

"This is one giant step forward," says Lori Rhead, vice president for human resources and operations. "It's even more impressive because of the size of the group that made that move, virtually in lock step."

It’s a move that will ultimately simplify the student-worker payroll process, says payroll coordinator Gail Pateros.

“Campus has really embraced our attempt to make the student payroll process easier,” Pateros says. “We're thrilled with the level of cooperation we've received--nearing 750 positions submitted--and how much easier the October student payroll will be because of it. Kudos to campus!”

In the past, the college’s payroll and financial aid offices did not know where students were working until time sheets were turned in for payment at the end of each month. This meant that every month, employees in payroll had to race to enter all new student positions into Jenzabar before that month's payroll could be processed, creating last-minute stress and the need to rush.

“This month, the new portal form allowed us to complete and proof data entry before time sheets arrived in our office,” Pateros explains. “We were able to enter information from a single, detailed report rather than from multiple time sheets. Again, consistent and accurate. A much more efficient and far less stressful option for everyone.”

Moving forward, utilizing this new form will alert supervisors instantly when students are not authorized to work on campus, before those students are allowed to start working. It will streamline the process for supervisors and students to obtain campus work authorization, and eliminate the last-minute stress created by end of the month data entry and time sheet surprises.

Have a new student hire? Click here for a detailed, how-to guide on completing a Submit Student Hire form to payroll, online, on the portal.