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Fire in Emerson Hall Apartments

September 24, 2013

UPDATE (8:35 p.m.): Beloit Fire Department has finished putting out the fire in Emerson Hall and the Red Cross is now in the Presidents Lounge in Commons, assisting a few dozen of the apartment building's residents with relocation arrangements. They expect to have all residents placed with family, friends, or in a local hotel within the next few hours. 

Thanks again to all students, staff and faculty who were on hand tonight to reassure residents, help displaced people into Commons, and to Commons staff who stayed open late to provide support, food and drinks.


City of Beloit and South Beloit fire departments are currently on College Street and the northeast corner of campus responding to a fire at Emerson Hall Apartments (which is not part of college student housing). While first responders have indicated there is no threat to campus at this time (or nearby Brannon Hall), please avoid the area as work continues this evening. 

Smoke is still visible in the building at this hour, which suggests that the fire may not be completely out at this point. 

Thank you to those of you who were assisting our neighbors who were evacuated tonight. College security officers and student life staff have invited the Emerson Hall residents (many of whom are senior citizens) to join us in Commons while the fire departments continue their work.