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Bikes are being burgled; avoid a theft

September 24, 2013

According to Mike Russell, a hall director in the residential life office, there have been a spate of bike thefts occurring across campus, including several more this past weekend. Below, he talks to the Terrarium about how to avoid losing your wheels, and what to do if it happens.

Terrarium: Any idea how many bikes have gone missing thus far?

Mike Russell: At this point it looks like at least eight reported stolen with an additional few that were unsuccessfully attempted to be stolen since the start of the school year.

T: What should someone do if his/her bike is stolen (report it to security, etc.?)

MR: If a student finds their bike to be stolen, they should call security to file a campus report.  Security can then get that person into contact with the Beloit Police Department if they'd like to file a police report as well. Information that is helpful includes: Make, model, style, color, serial number, any distinguishing characteristics (Terrarium sticker on the frame near the seat?).

T: What do you recommend bike owners do to combat bike theft?

MR: First and foremost, lock your bike up. A few of the bikes that were stolen were left unattended in a bike rack but were not locked. Secondly, store bikes in areas where others will be passing by and has traffic (i.e. not to a random light post in the middle of nowhere). Write down all the information you may need if your bike is stolen and stash it somewhere safe.  Additionally, be aware when you are walking around campus. If you see people lurking around bike racks or just acting suspiciously, call security.