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BSC candidate platforms for class of ’17 representatives (plus: vote now, online)

August 27, 2013

Class of 2017, who do you want to represent you in the student government’s general assembly? Below, four candidates for 2017 Class Representative make the case—in their own words—for why they’d like to represent you in the student body’s governing organization. Click here to vote on B-Link (log in using your email username and password) through Sunday (Sept. 1) at 4 p.m.

Selene Castrucci’17
Selene BSC Hello class of 2017! My name is Selene Castrucci and I would like the opportunity to represent our class in the general assembly at Beloit Student Congress! I am a hardworking, motivated, organized young adult looking to rise to the challenge and get involved on campus. I am interested in and open to hearing my peers’ ideas and will try my best to advocate and accomplish all reasonable action plans and proposals. I would be a great bridge between our student body and Beloit's faculty and staff, ensuring positive communications on all ends. I believe that I am a balanced person that will be able to make sure that everyone is having their needs met while still having a great time. I am interested in being a part of Beloit’s Student Congress to ensure that our next four years run smoothly and that they are the best they can be. I am also fascinated in learning about how an institution operates behind the scenes. I am eager to learn the ropes and what is needed to succeed representing our class.

Jordan Garcia’17
Jordan BSC platform

No one wants to read a list of my credentials. Everyone reading this is well-disciplined and focused because we are Beloiters! Many students who want a voice have other responsibilities, and BSC gives it to us. I want to represent you.  I have noticed things that could be changed as well as others that should be emphasized. I am an observer. Same as the reader, I see that some parts of campus could use a little paint and TLC. I see that the variety and multitude of activities and clubs leads to the healthy social atmosphere here on campus. I would like to be a part of making sure that any valid club idea can become a reality for the vast array of people on this campus. BSC could give me this platform and give our class a voice. Someone has to represent the freshmen! Don't vote for me because I make it seem as though I am somehow different or particularly more qualified. Vote for me because I am the same as you, because I represent you. I'm serious about this position, I will do it to the best of my ability, and I never give up.

Halle Gold’17
Halle BSC platform

I think I should be elected because I am very organized and creative. As a writer (I write short fiction and I have a blog), I can come up with many creative ideas that would help contribute to the events that take place at Beloit College with the help of the Beloit Student Congress.

Izak Harvey-Wolff’17

Izak BSC platform

My name is Izak Harvey-Wolff and I am running for class representative of the class of 2017. I plan to study history and museum studies at Beloit. I am enthusiastic and have good leadership skills, which I honed during high school leading my school's Dungeons and Dragon's club.  I am excited to voice student opinions about campus life and policy. I am always ready to listen to your opinion and talk about anything. I hope to make a positive impact on the Beloit community.