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UPDATE: Terrarium gets streamlined

August 27, 2013

As you might have noticed, the Terrarium has been tweaked this morning. The impetus behind the redesign? Besides wanting to freshen things up for the new year, college Web Designer and Developer Amanda Frisbee used her considerable talents to create a more streamlined, user-friendly site.

Besides the pared-down approach, all of the information is the same, but, we hope, more accessible, with social media links, the daily menu, the weather report, and the campus master calendar all at the fore.

Terrarium changes aren't the only thing you'll notice this morning. Several other major updates to the website have occurred. Here's a quick breakdown:

Banner photos hidden for on-campus users

While the large, banner-style photos our new site employs have been popular with potential students and parents, our on-campus community has regular access to such views (on and offline). Many faculty and staff have asked if changes could be made to limit scrolling past those photos on their pages. As a result, the web services team has removed those images altogether--but only for on-campus site visitors. Regular photos--such as those placed by departments and offices on their individual pages--won't be impacted. Only the top, banner-style photos will be hidden when someone is online via the campus network.

Update (Aug. 28):  As a part of this morning's changes, it was web services intention to also test and, if possible, deploy a new drop down navigation on While the other web enhancements were successfully launched, the web services identified a few issues with the navigation set up that they'll be working out in the days ahead. Expect an update (and those new drop-downs) in the near future. 

In an email to campus, Jason Hughes, director of communications at the college, offered thanks to "those of you who kindly offered suggestions and the interest that informed all of these developments. We hope you find that the changes enrich your experience on" If you have feedback or suggestions to offer, please contact  Melissa Dix, web and new media director.