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Campus improvements ongoing as new semester begins

August 23, 2013

While students were away, the college used the Renewing the Historic Core fund to work on everything from the bike rack outside of WAC to the carpets of Whitney.

“This has been a busy summer and we’re thankful for all the positive feedback about the improvements,” says Lori Rhead, vice president for human resources and operations. “We’re hoping you’ll be patient with us as we work to wrap up these projects.  The work, and the dust and disruption that comes with it, should be completed by mid-September if the weather cooperates.”

Not all work is complete, so below we’ve compiled some pictures of the areas that have seen some improvements, and offer an update on some of those works-in-progress.

North side:

Whitney has seen fresh interior paint and carpeting.

Russian House - new windows and insulation, new roof being installed now, will be re-sided too. We believe students will be able to move in, but there will be more work to do.

Campus Renovations 2 

Theta is being resided (the contractor came out already to match the color of blue), already had trim work done, and the door is being worked on, too. That work is ongoing.

Campus Renovations 1 

815, next to LAPC, is going to require extensive work. The upper railing and overgrown vegetation were removed, and the fascia and stucco sections of the house repainted and repaired. This work uncovered several issues, and to be safe the building is braced—this bracing could remain up for most of the academic year.

Campus Renovations 5 

South side:

WAC has a new porch, and doors will be installed shortly; a new bike rack is already in place, and lights are expected to be installed late next month.

Campus Renovations 6 

Morse-Ingersoll has seen new landscaping, some new iron work, and interior work including work in Richardson.

Campus Renovations 4 

Logan Museum doors are being replaced and should be installed soon.

Finally: this fall they are intending to treat the college's ash trees, and at least some of our oaks. Stay tuned for more information on that process.