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McNair scholars to present research on Friday

July 22, 2013 at 12:38 am

They’ve been intensively and meticulously researching all summer, and now the time is near for the 2013 McNair Scholars to present their research in a symposium.

Starting at 8:30 a.m. Friday (July 26), the eight scholars below will present their findings in

Science Center Room 150, the Porter Brown Auditorium. For a full schedule of the symposium sessions, download the PDF at right; take a look at their topics below.

Dominique Bodoh’15

Mentor: Nancy Krusko

Project: “Suicide: In Relation To Demographics, Socioeconomic Status, and Economic Downturn In Rock County, WI”

Daniel Corral’15

Mentors: Kathy Greene and Tom Owenby

Project Title: “NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Engagement: Academic Performance And Co-Curricular Involvement”

Tamanisha John’15

Mentor: Beatrice McKenzie

Project Title: “How The Economy Influences Migration And Our Perceptions Of A ‘Raced’ Society”

Reine Lucas’15

Mentor: Kathy Greene

Project Title: “Tracking: Whom Does It Affect And How?”

Stephanie Mayo’15

Mentor: William New

Project Title: “The Contemporary Education Crisis In India: A Study On The Educational Gap Between Boys and Girls”

Rachel Monroe’15

Mentor: George Lisensky

Project Title: “Will This Work? The Reconstruction Of An Energy Harvesting Nanoparticle Enhanced Triboelectric Nanogenerator”

Yasmin Rodriguez’15

Mentor: Carol Wickersham

Project Title: “What’s At Stake With High Stakes Testing: The Superintendent’s Perspective”

Tatiana Rosario’15

Mentor: Donna Oliver

Project Title: “Pussy Riot, Putin, And Internet Memes: The Limits Of Soviet-Style Authoritarian Leadership In The Internet Age”

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