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Used books a top priority—and it shows—at Turtle Creek Bookstore

June 17, 2013

The college bookstore is committed to saving students money on their textbooks, says manager Peter Fronk. And the proof is in the pallets—the ones that just arrived at Turtle Creek Bookstore last week.

textbooks, used 

"We've been ordering as many used titles as possible for the fall orders we've received thus far," says Fronk. "Right now, we only have 59 percent of fall book titles, but we're hoping to get to 100 percent shortly. As soon as we get those orders, we'll be putting our used orders out and hoping to get as many titles as possible before the used market dries up."  

As a sign at the bookstore tells visitors, last year the bookstore saved students $105,570 by providing used, rental, and digital titles.

"We want to do even more," Fronk says, pointing out that the bookstore actually benefits more from the sale of deeply discounted used books than the new titles.  "If we can get even more used titles on the shelves—more orders in—we might save students up to $200,000. That's our goal."

What else is going on at Turtle Creek?  

  • Rental was a big hit last year, and is expected to be even bigger this year. The proof is in the numbers. The bookstore's penetration rate is 47 percent. This means when given the option to rent or purchase a title, the student opted 47 times out of 100 to rent.   
  • What's hot: Beloit navy T-shirt, B lapel pin, and the B-emblazoned gold cap.