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Mark your calendar: re-register your campus computer

May 20, 2013

Please mark your calendars for two annual technical processes that will happen at the beginning of June.

First, in order to access the Internet and network resources after Monday, June 3, you will need to re-register your computer, phone or other device on the campus network for security purposes. To prepare for this, the campus network will be unavailable from 6 a.m. -7 a.m. on June 3. Following are instructions for the process you must follow the first time you log into the campus network after 7 a.m. on June 3:

  • Open an Internet browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.). In most cases, the registration page should appear automatically. If it does not, you may go to it by typing in the following URL: As noted on the registration page, you should use your email username, which is the part of your email address that appears to the left of the @sign. Please do not include "". The password to be used is the same as your email password.  
  • Special Note: If you will be off campus on June 3, please remember to perform this process upon your return. In the meantime, access to Beloit College Google e-mail from off-campus will still be accessible and will not be affected by this process.

Second, on Monday, June 10 messages on the student email bulletin board will be archived. Messages will still be available for view by clicking on the link called "Other mail archives" student email bulletin board


If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at x2067.