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In the Stacks: Outgoing seniors leave a legacy in the library

May 19, 2013

senior books 

Student employees keep the library running in many ways, including shelving books and answering inquiries in the Archives. In honor of the nine student workers who graduated in 2013, the library has purchased books and DVDs selected by each of them. Three of these students offer insights into their selections, which you can see on display now in the library.

Alice Mitchell’13

Title: Young adult literature and adolescent identity across cultures

and classrooms: contexts for the literary lives of teens

Author: Janet Alsup.

“I chose my book for two reasons. I conceptualize my studies at Beloit as studying the development of identities. I also wanted to reflect my interest in youth literature and how it helps construct youth identities.”

Amara Pugens’13

Title: The Simpsons in the classroom : embiggening the learning experience with the wisdom of Springfield

Author: Karma Waltonen

“I chose the Simpsons book because I'm a huge fan of the show. It started a year before I was born so I've been watching it since I was little—I even had a little pink Marge purse growing up. This book discusses how The Simpsons illustrate different social and cultural theories. Because of it, I now don't feel as guilty for watching the show for hours—I really was just studying!”

Maggie Thulson’13

Title: That workshop book: new systems and structures for classrooms that read, write, and think

Author: Samantha Bennett

“This book offers tangible and practical ideas for interactive learning experiences in the classroom. There are several teachers profiled with examples of successful reading and writing workshops. I'm interested in the creation of a classroom culture that facilitates spontaneous learning and this book is a great resource.”