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Meet Bon Appetit Executive Chef Michael Downey

May 1, 2013

Michael Downey

Name: Michael Downey

Occupation: Executive chef, Bon Appetit at Beloit College.

Hometown: Manitowoc, Wis. It’s just south of Green Bay.

What brought me to Beloit College/Bon Appetit: My love of food and my passion for cooking.

You may have seen me: In Commons or DK’s.

What’s on your bucket list? Travel to Japan for the ultimate sushi tour.

Favorite meal? Whole roast chicken with garlic smashed potatoes and citrus butter

What can’t you live without? Coffee.

Any advice? Do your best every day, always give 100 percent effort no matter what you’re doing.

Who are your top-three fantasy dinner party guests? JFK, Daniel Day Lewis, and Escoffier.

Who are your heroes? My daughter Lauran. She inspires me every day.

Proudest moment? The birth of my daughter.

What’s your karaoke standard? Karaoke should be banned.