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Beloit College grounds team issues spring update, promising green

April 30, 2013

The grounds team at Beloit College, a four-man crew managed by Furman Brothers Landscaping, has been hard at work on campus this spring—even when it didn't look like spring at all. The team, which spent much of February and March clearing ice and snow off sidewalks, has put away its snow shovels and is focusing its time and attention on making the most of the warming (and wet) weather.

Below are a few updates from the team that may interest you as you celebrate the arrival of spring and the soon-to-arrive summer.

The drought is over

According to the National Weather Service, the drought in Southern Wisconsin is no more. All the snow and now, rain, has helped the region rebound from a very dry and hot 2012. Good news, indeed.

Aeration complete, seed down

The grounds crew spent a few days last week aerating campus and applying grass seed. The grounds team is hoping that the forecast for warming temperatures holds. With any luck, new grass will be dotting campus within a few weeks.

Landscaping committee formed

A group of faculty and staff convened for the first time on April 23 to offer advice on grounds issues and priorities when managing the campus grounds. The committee is working directly with Derek Furman of Furman Brothers and Lori Rhead, who will become vice president for human resources and operations on June 1.

The group is currently comprised of:

  • Yaffa Grossman, professor and chair of biology
  • Jason Hughes, director of communications and marketing
  • Deb Lynch, library reserves coordinator and evening circulation supervisor
  • Sue Swanson, associate professor in geology and chair of environmental studies, as well as the Weeks Chair in Physical and Human Geography
  • Jim Zielinski, director of admissions