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Congrats to Beloit-definer and Kindle-winner Zoe Lenjack’14 (pic)

April 16, 2013

Remember when we asked you to define “Beloiter?” Zoe Lengjack’14 was among the many who answered that call (we also sent out the request to readers of Beloit College Magazine), and on April 3 her submission was drawn at random to win a brand-new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader.

kindle winner 

Here at Communications and Marketing, the definitions will be used as a part of our research into what makes Beloit, Beloit (and distinctive).

Other entries won a 'B' pint glass, which they can pick up from the C&M office. Those winners include:

  • Tim Makarewicz
  • Lin Yang
  • Ann Bardo
  • Sean Little
  • Ellie Daniels
  • Hannah Denny
  • Paula Khim
  • Nate Muckley
  • Bethany Clarke
  • Bert Connelly
  • Tamanisha John
  • Andrea Clark

Thanks go out to everyone else who submitted their definitions—we loved reading your responses. You’re a creative, thoughtful, and funny bunch. Some of our favorites?

Some of our favorite entries:


  • A person who acts for themselves, while mindful of others
  • A being that is an eternal learner. (With a sense of dry wit that reminds you of a Wisconsin winter.)
  • A quirky, confident, and laid-back person.
  • Longboarder. Pianist. Novella writer. Stamp collector. Tea brewer. Sweeper. Pottery thrower. Biker. Chemist. Lip stick guru.
  • One who knows no bounds and tacitly explores the world with intent to make it better. Some may call them "hippies," though more appropriately: people attuned to the ebb and flow of their neighbors, mistakes, triumphs, and consequences. Friendly, and above all, accepting.
  • one who thinks outside of the box. and then turn it into a musical instrument after they have spray-painted/glitter bombed it. and then turns it into a purse. and then, with friends, deconstructs it with a blow-torch and a poem. and then studies the geo-political/social justice implications of such boxes in the world. recycles the remains of said box. will continue to have life-long reflections on the experiences that are associated with said box.

Beloiter (v):

  • The act of successfully swimming against the current.
  • The act of expressing one's voice or opinions in an articulate and productive manner.
  • To affect change, act in socially responsible ways, seek excellence, dig deep, question everything.
  • To discover, alongside others, the journey ahead.
  • To embrace new challenges and oneself.