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Meet writer and singer (minoring in all-nighters) Jeanne Mrugacz’13

April 15, 2013

Meet writer and singer (minoring in all-nighters) Jeanne Mrugacz’13 2 

Name: Jeanne Mrugacz’13 (the cz sounds like ch).

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Major/minor: Creative writing, but minoring in all-nighters and procrastination with a focus in music.

What brought me to Beloit: A car. But seriously, love at first sight (with the campus); the ability to major in creative writing, and the most important: scholarships.

My favorite class so far, and why you should take it: Well you can’t, it was ENGL 310, The Long Poem, with Rebecca Hazelton Stafford (she was only here fall 2011-spring 2012). It was simply amazing. I was really proud of my “long poem” at the end and really felt I had learned something. The class made me want to be a poet and I had thought I only wanted to write short stories. A class you can take is ENGL/JOUR 228 Practicum in Literary Editing or the Beloit Fiction Journal. It’s a nice peek into the world of publishing and also a great learning experience. It was insightful to see the other side to writing.

You may have seen me: a cat or dressed in all black singing in Eaton Chapel (Chamber Singers represent! Our spring concert is also coming up, you need to reserve tickets, at no cost, because we’re singing in the Wright Museum and the space is limited. It will be like nothing you have seen or heard before, well maybe).

The best book I’ve read at Beloit: Most recently I enjoyed reading Our Lady of the Ruins, a collection of poetry, by Traci Brimhall. Outside of class readings, probably The Time In Between by  Maria Duenas.

What are you working on? Graduating. But I also sang in Molly Wells’ senior voice recital. The piece was a fun Massenet trio, which gave me the pleasure of struggling with some French. I’m also working on the previously mentioned Chamber Singers concert repertoire. Those concerts (yes, there are multiple) are April 20, 26, and 28. If you want to order tickets, again at no cost they are purely so we are not overcrowded in the Wright, you can go here Order soon, they are going pretty fast.

What can’t you live without? My lungs.

What gets you up in the morning? My cell phone’s alarm. It is currently (or rather still) set to Muse’s “Time is Running out.” Somehow I find that very fitting.

Meet writer and singer (minoring in all-nighters) Jeanne Mrugacz’13 1