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Museum Mondays: Senior Art Show opens Friday

April 7, 2013

This week, the Wright Museum has only one exhibit on display, an intermediate sculpture class installed their projects under the title + One Stump. The other three galleries of the Wright Museum have been deinstalled, painted, and primed in preparation for the upcoming Senior Art Show, Math.

For the past four years, the art majors of the class of 2013 have been honing their skills, experimenting with medium and style, and exploring their voice in the visual arts. Their studies and explorations as undergraduates all coalesce into the installation of their senior showing. The North, South, and Hollensteiner Galleries will house the final works of these rising stars.   

This year the work includes paintings, sculpture, and drawings. Alongside these works are installation-based objects, video, and posters. The opening reception will take place on Friday (April 12) at 4 p.m.

Artists in the show include:

  • Ellie Daniels
  • Anton Grahame
  • Zoe Gahan
  • Sofia Hernandez-Crade
  • Lisa Homstad
  • Madeline Horwath
  • Erika Moen
  • Winston Pennington-Flax
  • Claire Quigley
  • Jonathon Stone