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Cast your ballot online for BSC treasurer, class reps

April 1, 2013

Voting for Beloit Student Congress treasurer and representatives closes on Wednesday (April 3) at midnight. Either log on to B-Link (a link can be found on the Terrarium) or follow this direct link: Before you vote, take a look at the candidates’ platforms, below.


Skyler (Tiannong) Dong’16
Usually, the BSC Treasurer serves the academic-year term, but I was elected at the beginning of the current semester to succeed as the BSC treasurer. Now, I am running for the position again. I enjoy contributing my efforts to the student body. I feel that I am doing meaningful things for the student body, and I also like my job very much. In the past two months, I have made considerable efforts to do my job and be helpful to my fellow students. I make a point of being punctual and attended every meeting. The treasurer needs to be responsible in order to effectively oversee the Student Activities Fees and keep track of all funding. As the current treasurer, I cooperate with students from other organizations and independent groups efficiently and help them navigate the processes involved. I plan to make it easier for students to get the budgets they want. Recently, with the funding board director, I have written a series of instructions to help students with reimbursement and with funding. At the same time, I will maintain the fair process. I will help and assist students in any way I can. 

Sophomore Class Representative:

Nadir Carlson’16
I am running to be the sophomore class representative because I enjoy being a student voice as decisions are made. I have shown over the last year that I am fair, kind, and always willing to hear people out. I would like Beloit Student Congress and the student population to work to gather on goals. I would like to remind the campus community that BSC General Assembly meets Mondays at 8:30 p.m. and is open to the public. I hope to see you there!

Michael Rubloff’16
I feel that I will be able to represent my class successfully given my prior experiences with the BSC. I will continue to listen to what my fellow students say, and present in General Assembly. 

Lincoln Kavinsky’16
As sophomore class representative, I would bring the changes to the best of my ability that my fellow classmates want. I would promote school spirit by encouraging students to go to athletic events and other activities. I would put the interests of the class of 2016 first by advocating for them at all meetings. Whether students want increased hours at the dining venues, more social events, or more activities in the dorms, I would be their voice. 

Junior Class Representative:

Samuel Becker’15
I am running for Beloit Student Congress class of 2015 representative with a commitment to the strength, quality, and diversity of Beloit experiences. I would like to use the position to serve as an advocate for the most valuable uses of students funds. As seen with the initial denial of funds to the No More Deaths trip, some of the most significant projects Beloiters undertake do not currently receive adequate representation in our congress. It is important to me that endeavors like No More Deaths are maintained on this campus, and all students looking to undertake meaningful projects are able to obtain the funding they need. Beloit students have a unique opportunity to interact and contribute to both local and global communities, and my focus is on enriching and encouraging those experiences. While it is essential to make sure that there is good entertainment on campus, exciting community based projects must be protected in the BSC funding process. If the class of 2015 votes with these ideals in mind we will be able to ensure that some of the most important aspects of Beloit have better representation in BSC.

Senior Class Representative

Sarah-Jane Cikara’14
As we approach the end of our third year, dear class of 2014, I am asking for your help to elect me as our BSC Class Representative. As class rep, I will hold the best interests of our class in the highest regard and would be available to answer and ask questions to maintain these interests. I already have a keen understanding of how campus life operates, and I am excited to take on this role to learn more about student government, gain a different and new perspective of campus, and to express our needs as the senior class. I am qualified to serve as the 2014 class representative because I am pragmatic, committed, inquisitive, and I have the drive to listen and voice the opinions of our class.