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Date Safe event asks: Can I Kiss You? (plus, free T-shirts!)

March 27, 2013

For over 15 years, the Date Safe Project has been promoting a healthier approach to dating and communication. In a live show Saturday (March 30) at 2 p.m. in Wilson Theatre, Date Safe founder and author of May I Kiss You? Mike Domitrz will talk about how to ask for what you want sexually or intimately—without having to play any of the games, revealing ways to make sure each person's boundaries are respected.

“We believe that bringing this program to campus is very timely and will supplement the various conversations that are already happening around campus regarding Beloit College's Sexual Assault Policy,” says Katherine Miller. “The program is very entertaining and informative, but also has an activism piece that we believe is crucial. Students will be able to take away a newfound awareness of the issues and new skills to use in a variety of daily interactions on campus to decrease the amount of sexual misconduct at Beloit.”

Date safe 2 

Policy is part of creating a healthier environment on campus, but organizers think community buy-in is key.

“Having a complete and revamped policy is important, but equally so (if not more important) is to have the whole community on board,” says Miller.

The first 80 people to arrive at the show will receive a free T-shirt like the one Miller and co-organizer Namoonga Mantina, pictured above, are wearing. Other merchandise will be available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the local Sexual Assault Recovery Program. Representatives from SARP will also be on hand to discuss their services.

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