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“How Should We Live?” a “last” lecture by Donna Oliver

March 21, 2013

In a "Last Lecture," a professor is asked to develop a response to this question:

"If you were standing before a group of students for what you knew was the very last time, what would you say?"

Donna Oliver 1 

Professor of Modern Languages & Literatures Donna Oliver (above) has chosen to talk about literature’s capacity to develop compassion, moral awareness, critical self-reflection, and a deeper understanding of both ourselves and others. She’ll present these ideas Monday (March 25) at 7 p.m. in “How Should We Live?” in Richardson Auditorium. “As for the inspiration—I just took the directive literally: if this were my last chance to convey to students my thoughts on what Russian literature has to teach us, this is what I'd say,” Oliver says.

Last lecture