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Magazine hits campus this week, online this morning

March 13, 2013

Beloit College Magazine’s spring 2013 issue will be distributed on campus in the coming days—and with its vibrant yellow cover art, it will be hard to miss.

Equally fresh is the content: a cover story on Labs Across the Curriculum looks at how lab-based teaching is spurring innovation at Beloit around teaching and learning in the arts, the humanities, and all subject areas.  Among other things, the project, initially funded through a major grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, rethinks the traditional classroom and makes the college’s museum collections and archives more accessible and integral to student learning.

Also in this issue:

  • The entertaining back story of Ding Darling, whose antics at Beloit circa the 1890s got him kicked out for a year. He returned to graduate, then went on to become a pioneering conservationist, political pundit, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist, and is now the subject of a new documentary film.
  • What does Beloit look like on a typical autumn weekday? A photo spread by Associate Director of Admissions Trevor Johnson’08 puts forth an answer.
  • A story about the role of Chicago-based alumni in helping current students connect the dots between their education and their future professions.
  • And much more, including a look inside quantitative literacy: what it is, how it’s being taught, and why it’s increasingly important; an exploration of the power of narrative in compassion for others; and the role of interdisciplinary thinking for one young scientist in understanding volcanoes and earthquakes.

Beloit College Magazine publishes three times a year and is mailed and distributed on campus to 22,000-plus alumni, campus and community readers, and prospective students and their families.

The spring 2013 issue arrives on campus on Friday and mails to off-campus residences during the last two weeks of March. You may also read it online (after 7 a.m. Thursday) at