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Let it snow, again: notes from H.R., security

March 5, 2013

The city of Beloit has declared a snow emergency which will take effect at 11 a.m. Tuesday (March 5) and will remain in effect for 24 hours, until 11 a.m. Wednesday morning. During this time all vehicles are prohibited from parking on city streets until the storm has passed and the snow has been cleared from the city streets. If the owner, or operator, of any vehicle does not attend to its removal, the Beloit Police Department may ticket and/or move such vehicle at the owner's expense to some other suitable location so as not to interfere with snow removal and plowing.

Campus parking:
The college has annexed the 700 block of Emerson Street (the block that has Cradle Care and LAPC), the 800 block of College Street (by the fraternities), and the 700 block of Clary Street (by C-Haus and OEC), so if you are parked legally on those streets, you may remain there during the snow emergency. The angle parking on both sides of the street on the 600 block of College Street (by WAC) should be fine, too. Parking is also available in our various on campus parking lots.

If you have any question, please call security at ext. 2355. 

Inclement weather policy:
As Director of Human Resources Lori Rhead pointed out in an email Monday afternoon, though the college doesn’t close in the case of bad weather, the policy on inclement weather/weather-related absences does allow for flexibility when weather makes travel dangerous.

For details of the policy, click on the Staff Handbook PDF at right, and see page 18.