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Recap of emergency-preparedness open forum

February 25, 2013


Several dozen faculty and staff and a few students gathered Monday afternoon in Pearsons to discuss the events of last Thursday, when campus when into high alert in response to a situation happening nearby.

At the forum, members of the college’s emergency response team addressed some of the feedback they’ve received about the incident and the way the college communicated with its community members.

“We really appreciate that people took it seriously,” said Dean of Students Christina Klawitter. “It wound up being more of a test for our system. Everyone was safe, and that’s the priority.”

Some of the feedback the team received focused on:

  • The frequency and tone of the text, voicemail, and email messages the team sent out via its emergency alert system
  • How to alert community members who do not have their phones readily available or are not near a computer (faculty and students in the midst of class, for example)
  •   What sort of specific actions should be taken in an emergency situation

Regarding the latter item, Assistant Director of Security Bruce Heine suggested that the time to think carefully about what to do in this type of situation is before it ever occurs. Be aware of your surroundings, and mindful of your environment.

“Mindfully look around and see what you have available—what are the strengths or weaknesses of the area in which you’re working or teaching?” Heine said.

Members of the team are still accepting feedback; if you did not receive last week’s emergency alerts via text or voicemail, contact Terri Dahl in Human Resources to update your information (staff), or the Registar's Office (students).