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Second Annual Giving Day a Great Success

The Beloit College community is generous and showed its heart and soul during its second annual Giving Day on Wednesday, April 20, 2016. In just 24 hours, the college raised over $65,000 from more than 450 supporters.

Not only did the gifts far surpass the original goal of $25,000, the event also raised $25,000 more than last year. Beloit is touched by the fantastic response received from supporters and is grateful to be backed by such a strong foundation of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends. These gifts help make ‪#‎BeloitPossible for the next generation of Turtles, Bucs, and Beloiters.

The unconditional support, enthusiastically offered by our alumni, parents, and friends is a tribute to the character of our community, and the value that we all collectively recognize in the mission we seek to advance. We at Beloit are privileged to have a community so willing to invest in the future of our great institution, and our students. For this, we are grateful,” said Mark Wold’95, Senior Director of Alumni & Parent Relations and Annual Support.

Thank you to all who supported Beloit College’s second annual Giving Day. As College President Scott Bierman often says, it’s “turtles all the way down.”

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Meet health and society major Simone Stadler’13

February 20, 2013 at 10:46 pm

Meet health and society major Simone Stadler’13 2 

Name: Simone Stadler’13

Hometown: Portland, Ore.

What brought me to Beloit: It was really the people. When I came here as a prospective student, I wasn’t really considering Beloit as a serious option but I had the most incredible visit. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming in a completely unassuming way. The professors encouraged me to share my opinions in the classes I was sitting in on, the students I met were genuinely curious about my life and interests, and when I got home I had three emails from a professor, a student, and an admissions counselor, all giving me follow-up information on things I’d voiced interest in just in passing. I went with my gut, and I’ve never regretted the decision.

You may have seen me: Onstage in various theater productions.

My favorite class at Beloit, and why you should take it: Emerging Infectious Diseases. The most terrifying and most fascinating class I’ve taken at Beloit. I originally took it to fill a science requirement, but it completely turned my world upside down and made me decide to become a health and society major.

The best book I've read at Beloit: I just read the play Clybourne Park for my directing class, and it’s hands down one of the most brilliant plays I’ve ever read. I was also lucky enough to get to go see it at the Milwaukee Rep right after reading it.

What are you working on? My current theater project is Kid Simple: A Radio Play in the Flesh, directed by John Kaufmann. It’s a really quirky play modeled after old-time radio shows, but with a modern, poetic twist and a whole slew of live sound effects. It’s the most fun I’ve had on a Beloit show in my four years here. We open tonight! (Thursday, Feb. 21).

Who are your top-three fantasy dinner party guests? Jason Segal, Michelle Obama, Dumbledore.

Proudest moment? Co-directing the play Popcorn last semester. It was an entirely student-run production and it was the most work I’ve ever put into anything in my life. I’ve never been a part of such an enormously collaborative project like that before and it was absolutely mind-blowing to see it all come together after months of work into a really fantastic production.

What’s your karaoke standard? “Bohemian Rhapsody,” by Queen.

Meet health and society major Simone Stadler’13