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BIFF launches new film competition with head-mounted camera

January 23, 2013

The Beloit International Film Festival, in cooperation with GoPro camera company and Paddle and Trail outdoor outfitters, has launched the first Go BIFF & GoPro “Live Your Adventure” Film Competition.

GoPro cameras are the advanced sports cameras preferred by those seeking to record their adventures, whether on or underwater, in the air, or on trail or snow—or right here on campus. The cameras are worn on a headband and provide the same perspective as the individual wearing it. The unique views can provide the heart-pounding experience of backcountry snowboarding or from under the curl of the perfect wave, as well as the serene calm views from a remote lake or a mountain top.

BIFF 2014 will mark the inaugural “Live Your Adventure” Film Competition screening.  Over the next 10 months, participants may submit films of 10 minutes or less duration in either the student or adult competition. Those selected for the competition will be able to share their adventure with the world at one of the country’s cutting edge film festivals. 

Accepted filmmakers in the competition will receive full star treatment at next year’s festival with tickets to special events, unlimited film passes, access to the Filmmaker’s Lounge, and complimentary car service. 

“BIFF has built an international reputation for the way it treats participating artists, and anyone that has seen some of these GoPro productions know this is pure artistry,” says BIFF Executive Director Roddie Beaudoin. “This is one of the most exciting developments in our eight years and another reason why the Beloit International Film Festival is recognized for cutting edge creativity.”

There is no entry fee for submissions to the GoBIFF & GoPro competition. Full details, rules, and submission procedures can be found at the website.