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Buc Report: Meet Felicia Carlson’15, a track performer who won’t ever drop the baton

January 23, 2013

Though Felicia Carlson’15 is in her first track and field season at Beloit, she was already named the Midwest Conference Women’s Track Performer of the Week earlier this month. In the first meet of the season, the psychology major set a Beloit record in the 55m, winning the race in :07:43. The previous record of :07:58 was set in 2007 by Gabi Cepeda.

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Carlson, a Beloit native and transfer student from St. Cloud State University, talks to the Terrarium about why she likes running, how she stays in shape, and why you won’t ever see her drop a baton in a relay.

How did it feel to be named the Midwest Conference Women’s Track Performer of the Week? I felt honored, and I was very surprised.

How is the season going so far? It’s going well. Our runners are getting back into shape and ready for conference and nationals.

What meets are you most looking forward to this season? Conference and nationals.

What do you like about track? I like pushing myself to the farthest I can go. I like setting goals and reaching them.

What are your team’s strengths? Dedication and a lot of heart. We also have a lot of camaraderie and team spirit.

What does your team need to improve on? Some of us are a little out of shape.

How do you stay in shape? I go to the Beloit College facilities and lift weights and run intervals.

Do you have any pre-meet rituals? I’m a neat freak. I brush my teeth and change into my uniform right before (the race) so I make sure I don’t get sweaty. Being clean always makes me feel better.

Do you have any running superstitions? Don’t drop the baton ever in relays. It’s bad luck. That’s been embedded in me ever since middle school. You hold the baton like it’s your life.

How do you feel about Saturday’s meet? It’s my first year so I don’t know how the University of Chicago is, but there’s going to be nine teams so hopefully we’ll have some good teams.

The Beloit College Indoor Track & Field team heads to Chicago on Saturday (Jan. 26) for the multi-team University of Chicago Duals.