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Taquiera opening in D.K.’s, Monday

January 15, 2013

New year, new food: starting Monday (Jan. 21) D.K.’s is opening its own taquiera.

The option will be offering a plethora of meat, vegetarian, and vegan options for tacos and giant burritos. Chef Mike is fixing up housemade salsa and guacamole to top off your taquiera creations.

So: Come Monday, you can get a choice of three tacos or one giant burrito for $5; a side of chips and guac for $2.50; a side of chips and salsa for $2; a side of beans or rice for $.50; a burrito, chips, salsa, and a 16-ounce fountain drink for $6.75; and for a gluten-free option, D.K.’s will offer the Burrito Bowl for $5—all the stuffing, with no tortilla.

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