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Could your job search lead you to China?

January 13, 2013

For those graduating in the spring, starting a job search is probably on their list of priorities. If teaching English abroad sounds like an occupation you’d like to pursue, the Office of International Education can help. Since 2006, Beloit graduates have been heading off to Henan University—Beloit’s partner college in Kaifeng, China—to teach English. Currently, the university invites applications from graduating Beloit students interested in working at the school as English instructors.

Kaifeng 1 

Recent graduate and religious studies major Jennifer Olson'12, pictured above at far left, is currently in Kaifeng. The above picture was taken when President Bierman and other Beloiters visited China in September.

"At first, I was hesitant to take it because I had never studied Chinese before and was worried about how I'd adjust," Olson says. "Now I'm having a wonderful experience here and am really glad that I decided to come."

Kaifeng itself is full of history and interesting food, Olson explains, and teaching has proved rewarding.

"The whole experience has been a pleasant surprise and I would definitely recommend it," she says. "As long as you are flexible and open to new experiences, it's a wonderful opportunity to experience teaching and living in a different country. I've really enjoyed the creative work of teaching, and getting to know students." 

Details: These teachers hold full responsibility for teaching English to university students, who may be English majors or students taking English to fulfill general education requirements. Teaching schedules typically involve 14-plus hours of teaching per week, plus preparation, with class sizes averaging approximately 40 students. While teachers are expected to prepare their students to meet particular learning outcomes, they have considerable flexibility in how they approach this task. This is, therefore, a wonderful and challenging opportunity for recent graduates to put their liberal arts education into practice.


  • Native speakers of English with good academic records 
  • Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to cope productively with ambiguity
  • Note: Applicants need not be English majors, but must be adept readers, speakers, and writers of English. Applicants do not need to have studied Chinese, although some knowledge of Chinese can be an asset on site.

Olson didn't know Chinese, and admits that while adapting was stressful, her friendly students and acquaintances made the transition easier.

"While not being able to speak or read Chinese was a little stressful at first, I've adjusted really well to life here," Olson says. "People here are so friendly and students are always eager to help out. I am now learning Chinese with a tutor, and have made plenty of friends." 


  • Prior teaching experience: tutoring, service as a teaching assistant, classroom teaching
  • Enrollment in or completion of one or more courses in teaching English as a foreign language

Conditions: Applicants who have not had two years of teaching and/or completed a certificate or degree program in teaching English as a Foreign Language must enroll in a one-week training program in late August. This training will take place in Beijing. Henan University will cover the tuition cost of the training, but teachers will be responsible for their room and board for the period of the training.


  • Monthly stipend of 4,000 RMB
  • Accommodation in campus apartments
  • Round-trip airfare

Key Dates:

  • Jan. 31: 4 p.m. Information session, Office of International Education
  • Feb. 28: Application deadline
  • March 13 and 15: Interviews between 2 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Late August-July: Teaching appointment

To submit an application:
Send, by 4 p.m. Feb. 28, as email attachments to with "Henan University English Teaching" in the subject line:

  • CV
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Statement of teaching interest
  • Statement on how this opportunity builds on the applicants' studies and other prior experiences and prepares them for future endeavors