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Snow poll: survey says no snow until January

December 9, 2012

We must all secretly love talking about the weather, because last week’s poll was one of the most popular in Terrarium history. Nearly 270 of you took the time to respond, with the most popular opinion (at 43 percent) being that we won’t see decent snowfall until after Dec. 25, but before the start of spring semester.

When will we finally have something to shovel in Beloit? Final results, as of Sunday night:

  • 40 percent – We’ll have a green Christmas, but snow before spring semester starts in January
  • 18 percent – Before winter break begins
  • 17 percent – Other
  • 13 percent – Don’t know, don’t care—no snow is fine!
  • 11 percent – Never. This is the way a Midwestern winter is, now.