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What's up at C-Haus this week?

December 4, 2012

From C-Haus Manager Steve Olivieri:

Wednesday (Dec. 5)
Our week kicks off with the subtle, sincere melodies and strong vocals of Luna Gomez, performing our opening set. Vic and Gab are a song writing sister duo whose music lingers in a mix of indie pop/rock genre with sweet harmonies, hooky bass, and guitar lines. They picked up their instruments at age 11 and have since written songs about love, tiny little victories, disillusionment and heart break. Headlining are Chicago’s elegant indie rockers The Damn Choir. Their use of guitar, cello, bass, drums, and introspective lyrics create songs that range from meandering and melancholic to pulsing and vengeful.

Thursday (Dec. 6)
At 7:30 pm, it's a fully interactive trivia experience. Brush up on your Title IX knowledge and ready those nimble fingers. When the clickers go live, the game is on. Then at 9 p.m., join us for a Bachata Dace Workshop. Learn some new footwork to keep you dancing through the holidays, presented by Voces Latinas and the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

Friday (Dec. 7)
Come get into the holiday spirit with a compilation of performances from the campus’ talented student body, at 9 p.m. Enjoy holiday-themed refreshments and over-all merriment as the promise of the end of the semester appears on the horizon.

At 10 p.m., C-Haus welcomes the first stand-up comics of the semester. Appearing between the night’s bands are Midwest comedians Krains Butter and Marcos Lara. Taking the stage first will be The Welcome. The songwriting duo will perform their dynamic guy-girl vocals, a healthy dose of catchy hooks, and unrelenting melodies. We’re closing out our last Friday night with Chicago’s dance-rock band Blane Fonda. If they were instructors of exercise videos, Richard Simmons would have been out of a job. Expect to be drowned in cheeky, danceable tunes, complete with the occasional '80s-style melody and blaring trumpet. There won’t be a sweat-less body on stage.

Saturday (Dec. 8)
T.R.3 is performing his final show of the semester with a little help from Taz. Note: we’re starting at 8 p.m., so come out early.