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A postcard from Denmark: Kyle Bohrer’14 (pics)

December 2, 2012

Junior Kyle Bohrer’14, a biology and political science double major, is currently in Denmark studying sustainability in Europe; below, he shares some photographs from his semester abroad.

postcards Kyle Bohrer 

The day I arrived in Berlin was the 22nd anniversary of German Reunification Day. It was a celebration for the tearing down of the Berlin Wall and reunification of West and East Berlin. As I stood where the wall once was, all I could see was a massive party, including a Ferris wheel, bungee jumping, live music under Brandenburg Gate, and German flags everywhere.

postcards Kyle Bohrer 2 

In mid-September, my core course "Sustainability in Europe" traveled to the tiny Danish island of Ærø in the Baltic Sea. Although the entire island only has a population of 6,700 and an area of 200 square miles, it has the world’s largest solar heating plant and produces all of its energy through windmills on the island.