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Buc Report: It’s all in the family

November 27, 2012

It’s not impossible, but it is unusual: Right now, a pair of siblings is playing the same sport at the same time.

The brother-sister duo is Laramie and Lana Wieseman from Lake Geneva, Wis., who are on the men’s and women’s basketball teams this year.

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“It’s pretty laid back,” says Laramie of what it’s like for them each to play the sport at Beloit. They say there is no sibling rivalry or any competition−with each other, at least.

“There’s competition on our teams but not between each other,” says Laramie, who has been out so far this season due to an injury sustained in practices. He plans to return after winter break.

Laramie is a junior in his third season with the Bucs, and Lana is a first-year. She says though it’s nice having her brother here for the support, she chose to come to Beloit because of its strong academics.

Lana plans to major in biology and is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, and Laramie is a biology/education double major who wants to be a high school biology teacher.

While they don’t practice together now, they did play together growing up. They each went on to play all four years in high school for the Lake Geneva Badgers, where their two younger siblings, a high school sophomore and senior, are currently on the varsity teams.

Basketball was a big part of their childhood, and their family often went to games together; now Laramie and Lana’s parents continue that tradition, coming to Flood Arena to see their two Bucs play in their (often back-to-back) college basketball games.

“It’s nice being close to home so our family can come watch us play,” Lana says.

Check out the Wiesemans in action at 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. tonight in De Pere, Wis., as they take on St. Norbert.