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Policy of the Week: Greening Beloit

November 27, 2012


Dear Beloiters,

Has one of your classes inspired you to be greener? Perhaps one of your New Year's resolutions will be to decrease your carbon footprint. The state of Wisconsin encourages recycling by mandating citizens to recycle, and while you are at Beloit, there are many things that you can do to live in harmony with the earth. There's an entire  "Greening Beloit" list in the Student Handbook, but here are just a few things that you can do:

  • "Keep exterior doors closed when possible in order to not lose heat or cool air."
  • "Close windows when heater or air-conditioner is on--adjust thermostat appropriately." 
  • "Turns off appliances such as VCRS and CD players when not in use." (Oops, I think the committee needs to update this section, *throwback.*)
  • "Use refillable pens and mechanical pencils, hand-powered sharpeners, refillable tape dispensers, and hard-surfaced, washable calendars."

There are also charts of what can and cannot be recycled on pages 128 - 129 of the Student Handbook; see the full policy in the PDF at right.

With Love from Your 2012-2013 Stu-Pol Committee,

Erik Carlson’15, Dana DiMaggio’14, Hope Doucet’15, Hannah Ireland’13, Reine Lucas’15, Rachel Machunski’15, and John Winkelmann

*For concerns, questions, and ideas regarding policy, please e-mail the Student Policy Chair, Hope Doucet, at

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