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Postcard from Ashley Rosenbaum’13, in Spain

November 19, 2012

Spanish major Ashley Rosenbaum’13 is currently studying in Alicante, Spain. She sent us the following pictures:

An afternoon at the beach with my host mom (Pepa)! This is the neighborhood they used to live in when their sons were young because the water doesn't drop off until at least a mile out. It's easy to see why the Spanish are generally pretty relaxed.

112012 Tuesday sandwich 

My friend, Claire, and I sitting at one of the highest points in Granada. If you look closely, the Alhambra is chilling in the background. We were surrounded by gypsies selling their wares, a group playing traditional Flamenco music, and kids running around, having fun. It was pretty easy to get sucked into the amazing mood of the area.

Ashley Rosenbaum postcard 1 

Swimming in the freezing cold mountain snow waterfalls in Guadalest with Scott and Brynn. The clearest (and coldest!) water I've seen. But how could I miss out on the chance to swim in this awesome waterfall?

Ashley Rosenbaum postcard 2