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More than a dozen prospective students on campus Monday

November 18, 2012

Today’s visitors come to Beloit from across the country. If you see them out and about on campus, feel free to offer a warm welcome.

  • Brigid Crawford of Sycamore, Ill.
  • Lucy Cummins of Mansfield, Ohio
  • Nora Davies of West Dundee, Ill.
  • Amanda Donley of Mounds View, Minn.
    • Corey Henricksen of Grand Junction, Colo.
    • Jack Hochberg of Los Altos, Calif.
    • Meghan Hood of Redondo Beach, Calif.
  • Tanner Job of Meridian, Idaho
    • Nathan Levine of Culver City, Calif.
    • Anne Steinberg of Edina, Minn.
    • James Stratis of Burr Ridge, Ill.
    • Gillian Waffle of Arlington, Va.
    • Alex Waldeck of Wichita, Kan.
    • Xavier Ward of Edwards, Ill.