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Lacrosse team takes time for community (pics)

November 18, 2012

They might be the newest NCAA sport on campus, but that doesn’t mean Beloit College’s lacrosse team has wasted any time getting involved.

Since fall break, team members have been heading over to the Merrill Community Center twice a week to help out with the organization’s after-school program. Aided by the donation of 10 youth lacrosse sticks from the retailer Harrow, the Beloiters have been teaching local youngsters how to play the game.

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Head Coach Bob Dignazio is no stranger to setting up team/community interactions. In his last coaching role he set up a lunch buddy mentoring program, and his aunt had set up a similar lacrosse program in Philadelphia.

“When our team helps spread the game of lacrosse and simultaneously brings students to Beloit's beautiful campus, everybody wins. We committed to making service a part of our program, and this was definitely a great first step,” he says. Already, the team members are making plans for other ways they can spend time with the kids.

“We've spoken about next year doing a tour of the Science Center or Logan Museum. Also, a few of our guys have expressed interest in volunteering at Merrill ‘on their own,’” Dignazio says.

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