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Policy of the Week: Pets

November 13, 2012

Dear Beloiters,

Thankfully  it is almost Thanksgiving Break—a time to eat sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, turkey, and the questionable green Jell-O that you feel obligated to put on your plate because it was made by your grandma. Perhaps your family and the food is not what you're most excited about, but rather, that other part of your family: the pet.

Maybe you're anticipating coming home to Marley the fluffy dog or Sunny the tabby cat or S’mores the adorable hamster or _____ (insert your own pet here) ______delete. Whatever animal you own, we understand that spending quality time with your pet can sometimes be more exciting than family.  It's too bad campus doesn't allow us to have them.  

Tangent: One committee member’s mother housed a cat in her dorm room at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. She legitimized, "If other people can smoke in their dorms, I can have a cat." 

However logical she sounded, her R.A. used similar reasoning to the Beloit College Pet Policy for why she couldn't keep the cat in her dorm: “It's unfair to the animal."   

If you are currently housing an animal, you may be charged with a $60 fee. Read up on the Pet Policy for more information, and don't keep an animal in your dorm room, no matter how cute it is. It's just not fair to the animal.  

With Love from Your 2012-2013 Stu-Pol Committee,

Erik Carlson’15, Dana DiMaggio’14, Hope Doucet’15, Hannah Ireland’13, Reine Lucas’2015, Rachel Machunski’15, and John Winkelmann

*For concerns, questions, and ideas regarding policy, please e-mail the Student Policy Chair, Hope Doucet, at

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