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Meet Hugo Alvarez, who can’t live without incredible food

October 29, 2012

Hugo Alvarez 

Name: Hugo Alvarez’15

Occupation: Full-time student, part-time chef.

Major: Comparative literature.

Hometown: Irvington, New York.

You may have seen me: Kickin' it on the Art House porch.

What has been your favorite class that you've taken so far? My classics class called Comedy! has been my favorite. Our final was to do a stand-up in Wilson Theatre. 

What are a few of your favorite things? Raindrops, kittens, long walks through the woods, and cooking.

What three items go in your desert island backpack? Majestic animal shirt, Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet, my iPod.

What’s on your desert island jukebox? Charlie Parker with Strings, Tennis's Cape Dory, Lil B's Red Flame

Favorite meal? Momofuku pork buns and ramen. The former is like eating a cloud—and the latter is just so savory. I can't imagine something better.

What can’t you live without? Incredible food.

What do you do in your free time? Play Legend of Zelda, mess around with my guitar, peruse food and style blogs (it's a small obsession of mine).

If you could be reincarnated, what person/thing would you like to be? A red panda! They're just too much for words. Too adorable, too fuzzy, too everything. Just too much.

Who are your top-three fantasy dinner party guests? Carl Sagan, Kurt Vonnegut, and Anthony Bourdain. Can you even imagine?

What’s your favorite hidden gem here in the area? Mr. B's. It's a tiny place on Short Street, right by the Salvation Army. Ask for a fried egg on your burger!

What’s the number one thing on your bucket list? Hike the Appalachian Trail. I did bits and pieces when I was younger, but now I'd love to do the whole thing.

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