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Deadline extended for getting on BSC ballot

October 29, 2012


The presidential election isn’t the only one looming on the horizon. It’s still possible to get on the ballot for Beloit Student Congress elections, as the deadline for submitting a platform has been extended to midnight on Wednesday (Oct. 31).

  • The positions available are:Class representative (two per year)
  • Funding board chair*
  • Vice president*
  • President*

The term for class representatives is one semester. Class representatives attend weekly BSC General Meetings on Mondays, and discuss issues affecting campus. The term for funding board chair, vice president, and president is one calendar year.

*These positions require experience on at least one committee for a full semester (fall 2012 included). For vice president and president, a candidate must have served in BSC General Assembly or already held an office within BSC to be eligible.

Submit your platform, photo, and basic information on B-Link:

Questions? Email Kathleen Hansen at