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Course preregistration goes online; get the details

October 29, 2012

You’ll notice a distinct change when it comes to registering for your Spring 2013 courses—preregistration is happening online.

Starting Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 7:30 a.m., students can log in to the Portal and preregister for one unit per day through Friday, Nov. 16. On Nov. 16, students will be able to preregister for as many as 4.75 units.

The process:

  • Log in to the Portal with your college email username and password
  • Follow the registration links under the Academics tab at the top of the page

It’s that simple, and should only take a matter of minutes.

There are also  links in the Academic Links section of the Portal for students (and faculty) with useful resources (mostly from the Registrar website) pertaining to preregistration information, graduation guidelines (old and new), and other relevant academic policies. There will also be a link to a how-to tutorial, according to registrar Mary Boros-Kazai.

This change is meant to give more control and autonomy to students as they go about their registration process, as well as give advisers more time to focus on actual advising, rather than entering a slate of courses into WebAdvisor.

“[Students] will know exactly what their classes are, rather than requesting a bunch of first and second choices and hoping they get stuff they're interested in,” Matt Tedesco, co-chair of the Curriculum Oversight and Administrative Committee, explains. “Each day, their choice is informed by what classes they know they already have, so they can find a schedule that works best for them, both with respect to course times as well as with the overall profile of their slate of courses for the semester.”

But, he points out, students won’t be the only ones to benefit.

“For advisers, I think this puts an emphasis on what it means to advise,” he says. “Now, students will come with a list of interests, priorities, and needs, we'll have a conversation about these issues, and in light of that conversation, students will then make informed choices on their own.”

The registrar’s office also sent out emails Sunday with a more specific set of instructions. Off-campus study and vacation term students will also follow the same process.

“Although, if they have any issues connecting to the Portal from abroad, they can mail their course choices to the Registrar’s Office so we can take care of their preregistration in the same time-frame,” says Boros-Kazai.