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Buc Report: Swimmers’ quests for personal bests underway

October 28, 2012

The swimming and diving season at Beloit kicked off Saturday as the Bucs faced Lawrence University in Kresge Natatorium. Head Men’s and Women's Swimming & Diving Coach Kevin Schober talked to the Terrarium about this year’s team and how he feels transitioning from part-time to full-time coach.

Kevin Schober 

Q: How did you feel going into the team’s first meet on the Saturday?
Optimistic and pleased. The effort the team has already put forth during practice shows their hard work to get in swimming shape. Conditioning is a vital component of a successful swim race, so I looked forward to gauging the results of our practices so far and will highlight the areas that we need to continue to provide more focus on.

Q: What is your team like this year?
In the short time the team has been together in practices (since Oct. 1), I'm pleased with the amount of support and encouragement they give their teammates, other athletic teams, and friends across campus in other extra-curricular activities. I am looking forward to seeing their bonds grow and change throughout the season and in the coming years as people graduate and new student-athletes are added each year.

Q: Why should people come to a meet if they've never been before?
Swim meets are very exciting and impressive, especially when one begins to realize the amount of physical effort it takes to do the things swimmers do. Nothing is better than having two swimmers next to each other, pushing each other’s limits as the crowd urges them towards the finish line. The support from fans in the stands can provide an extra push of adrenaline and means a great deal to all involved. When a swimmer competes, it’s not just against another swimmer or team, it's against his/her own times as well. Striving and obtaining a "personal best" is a huge accomplishment whether or not they beat the other swimmer(s).

Q: What's not to miss this season?
The thing NOT to miss is the constant striving for the best stroke, the best turn, the best time, and then be able to duplicate it over and over improving each day. Come to the overlook window of the pool each weekday to see the swimming Bucs working hard to improve in every way whether it is doing squats, arm raises, ab work during dryland, or by going length by length in the pool to be the best they can.

Q: How is it different being a full-time coach this season? How will that benefit your team?
The opportunity and the ability to concentrate on only the Beloit College Swimming & Diving program has and will make a tremendous difference for me as a full-time coach. It gives me the chance to be on campus throughout the day, provide more individual coaching opportunities, and work more in-depth on swimmers' technique and skill-sets. It's also extremely important to me that the Buccaneer swimmers recognize the efforts of the entire Beloit College community, athletically and academically, so I most look forward to supporting the entire college community in any way that I can and inspiring the student-athletes to do the same.

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