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Don’t be scared: be advised

October 24, 2012

We’re no Sybill Trelawney, but we do know that the future can be scary, uncertain or not. Advising Practicum is here to help.

Advising Practicum 

As you’ve probably heard by now, Advising Practicum is taking place Wednesday, Oct. 31, at locations across campus. (Click here to add it to your Google calendar.) But, did you know:

  • This year, concurrent sessions are geared to specific class years—if you’re at loss for what to attend, this could help.
  • Support your friends! At 3 p.m., several students will conduct poster presentations of their summer research in the Science Center Atrium.
  • The 4 p.m. networking reception is a new feature of this year’s Advising Practicum; representatives from the Greater Beloit Chamber of Commerce, Beloit Area Community Health Center, our Representative in the State Assembly, Community Action Inc., Beloit Public Library, and Beloit Memorial Hospital have already RSVP’d. Take the opportunity to put in some face time with potential employers/mentors.

If you want to make a game plan for the day, you can check out the schedule online (searchable by academic departments) or download the PDF of The Guide to Advanced Transfiguration – Advising Practicum by clicking on the link in the upper right corner of this post. The printed version should appear in your mailbox in a matter of days.

There’s a lot going on, and that’s what organizers intended.

“I’m pretty confident that there is not a single person on campus who can’t find something valuable to check out,” says Charles Westerberg, associate dean of the college and director of the Liberal Arts in Practice Center. 

“It’s opportunities like the Advising Practicum that make Beloit a leader in higher education. When I talk to colleagues (both former classmates at Beloit and faculty at other institutions) about the Practicum, they are green with envy.” (He’s right on this one. The alumni the Terrarium have talked to about Advising Practicum are totally jealous.) 

“You could be as excited as I am about the Practicum, but not more,” he adds. “Hope to see everybody there.”

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