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Policy of the Week: So you want to procrastinate with free music?

October 23, 2012

Dear Beloiters,

 We're halfway through the semester (yay!); thus, in lieu of doing homework you have had plenty of time to:

 (1) Download a bunch of new music to your iTunes that you heard on WBCR. 

(2) Peruse the Internet for comedies, chick-flicks, gangster films, and the like for Friday movie nights, and proceed to download said videos.

(3) Download other things . . .

(4) Thank the Internet gods for all of the free music, videos, and other things that you have downloaded.

(5) Remember that downloading music and videos for free may be illegal.

And now that you have been reminded or made aware of the illegality of doing such things, you should also be aware that Beloit has recently received a flood of e-mails from the Recording Industry Association of America about our high illegal Internet activity. 

For more information about copyright laws on Beloit campus, please read the "Copyright Laws Guideline Policy" and visit

Also, remember that there are many websites where you can legally watch and listen to free stuff:,,,,, and so on.  Happy listening!

 With Love from Your 2012-13 Stu-Pol Committee,

Erik Carlson’15, Dana DiMaggio’14, Hope Doucet’15, Hannah Ireland’13, Reine Lucas’2015, Rachel Machunski’15 and John Winkelmann

*For concerns, questions, and ideas regarding policy, please e-mail the Student Policy Chair, Hope Doucet, at

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